Wendy William Gets A Nasty Dose Of Her Own Medicine!!!!

Everyone knows that Wendy Williams is the undisputed Queen of Celebrity Gossip TV. And for a while, she was the undisputed Queen of down and dirty celebrity gossip radio. Celebrity careers are built on image and reputation.Yet, Wendy was and is known as the one-mouth-demolition team who could destroy celebrities’ images with one blow –– rather ‘one show.’Yet, when Wendy Williams decided to turn her lipstick painted cannon toward celebrity television judge, Judge Greg Mathis, he responded by destroying her at her own game

You must listen to this rare clip of Wendy Williams getting served a raw and bitter taste of her own medicine. It is like seeing (hearing) the neighborhood bully get beaten and dragged down the street in front of the entire block.For all of the celebrities who get tired of Wendy Williams pulling all of your skeletons out of the closet, this clip my be therapeutic for you. You might consider it retribution. Judge Greg Mathis virtually grabs her skeletons by the hair and drags it right into Times Square with blinking neon lights.


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