SHOCKING NEWS~It Was Reported That Lil Wayne Tested Positive But Heres What He Said..

Being an international rockstar or rap star is like living in an alternative universe. It’s a universe were almost every woman wants to have sex with you and most of them will.Well everyone knows that rapper Lil’ Wayne took that ride and rose to the very top of the music game. Everyone knows that, as a result, he has likely had more sex than most men Will ever have in their life times. However, the truth is, this could be a good thing and a not so good thing. In fact, this could be a deadly thing. And everyone knows it. According to reports, one irresponsible parody website thought it was a good idea to make a claim to the whole world that they could not verify nor justify. Reports say that the website, Daily Leakz, allegedly claim that Wayne had contracted the deadly AIDS virus. As could be expected, the unsubstantiated claim went viral causing a lot of confusion and chaos. Naturally, when one can claim to have had sex with countless women from one side of the planet to the other, a claim like that makes everyone nervous. Luckily, Wayne himself decided to cut through all of the chaos and rumors and address the claims of the website directly. In no uncertain terms, Lil’ Wayne made it clear that he does not have the deadly virus at all. Check out exactly what he said about the matter.

Lil Wayne

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