WTF….5th Grader Gave Birth To Her Step-Fathers Child…..

Children are not even allowed to play outdoors anymore for concerns around their safety. We all fear child abduction. There seems to be no line drawn that a criminal will not cross today. That is just a fact of the world we live in.However, things are now growing much worse. American society is seemingly becoming more dangerous whether you are indoors or outdoors. There are unsuspected predators lurking right in your home.

You may have heard the story about the 10-year-old girl who was complaining about the horrible tummy ache that she was experiencing. The young girl reportedly could not seem to find any relief for her pain. So, her mother did what any concerned mother would do. She found emergency medical help for her daughter. When the young 5th-grader was rushed to the hospital, the hospital workers soon discovered the root of the young girl’s abdominal pain. Reports say that the young grade-schooler was in the process of giving birth to a child.

The mother allegedly claimed that she had not noticed any significant body changes to her small boned child and never suspected a thing. According to reports, the further investigation revealed that the young 10-year-old had been impregnated by her very own step-father. The reports also said that the man swore he would murder the child’s mother as well as her brother if the girl ever revealed what he was doing to her. The step-father was arrested and charged with child rape.

(fake image)

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