Pics…Mama June In A Size 4 Dress..Looking Good!!!

Mama June doesn’t take no for an answer.In a teaser for next week’s finale of the hit weTV series Mama June: From Not To Hot, the reality maven is seen wearing that size four red dress she has been trying to fit into all season as she crashes the wedding of her ex Sugar Bear.This comes after the blonde showed off her new body in a pink dress during a photo shoot for Friday’s episode.In the teaser it is revealed that Mama has been dis-invited to Sugar’s wedding to his newlove Jennifer.This is a big deal for Mama June because she has shed over 300 pounds just to look good at his wedding and make him sorry he ever left her.

So it’s a big blow that she cannot even attend.Honey Boo Boo then tells her dad Sugar that she won’t attend the wedding if Mama cannot come.Sugar Bear reveals this to Jennifer, who is not happy.The drama feels staged, but that hardly matters when there is so much to look at, like Mama June’s incredible weight loss.At the end of the teaser, shown Friday, the star is seen looking every inch the Hollywood siren as she opens the drapes of the white tent to enter the ceremony.

The red dress fits her perfectly.The dress was first seen early on in the season when it was used as a goal dress.At first Mama said she would never be able to fit into the dress.But with the encouragement of her trainer Kenya Crooks as well as Boo Boo and Pumpkin, she started to feel like she could.The star had weight loss surgery then several more surgeries to get rid of excess skin.Mama first revealed her massive weight loss to the world on Friday’s episode of Not to Hot.While she does eventually unveil the results of her efforts, the 37-year-old reality star starts the episode in a funk.Though she isn’t supposed to be in bed to avoid blood clots, she huddles under the coversand tells her daughters to go away when they try to roust her.

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